Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SpeciesCease - Divine Depravity (2009)

Here's Where It Gets Scary.... On This Solo Project Of Mine I Was Feeling Very Angry Toward Everything And Everybody , So I Made Really Negative Hateful Music. 12 Tracks Of Unhappy Fruity Loops Driven Punk Thrash What Have You. There Is Also A Folky Tune Called "Road To Ruin". As Well As A Rap Track Called "Kill Fucking Kill". Fun Stuff If You Are In A Pissed Mood.... Pretty Basic Stuff. Speaking Of Bass, There Isnt Any Bass Guitar Used. This Is Another Pre-Bass Project. I Have Thought About Adding Bass To It. Who Knows... Probably Not... I Guess You Can Take This Project For What It Is And Don't Take It Too Serious As With Alot Of My Work.. DOOOWWWWNNNLLLOOOOAAADDD: http://www.mediafire.com/?bpn7m5fa324ti33

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