Friday, April 27, 2012

Tired Of Waking Up - History Repeats! (Single) (2010)

Here Is Yet Another Side Solo Project Of Mine...2 Tracks Of Experimental Industrial ish Noise. History Repeats Is A Pretty Cool Song... I Would Like To In The Future Make More Tired Of Waking Up Stuff. We'll See... DOWNLOAD:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SpeciesCease - Divine Depravity (2009)

Here's Where It Gets Scary.... On This Solo Project Of Mine I Was Feeling Very Angry Toward Everything And Everybody , So I Made Really Negative Hateful Music. 12 Tracks Of Unhappy Fruity Loops Driven Punk Thrash What Have You. There Is Also A Folky Tune Called "Road To Ruin". As Well As A Rap Track Called "Kill Fucking Kill". Fun Stuff If You Are In A Pissed Mood.... Pretty Basic Stuff. Speaking Of Bass, There Isnt Any Bass Guitar Used. This Is Another Pre-Bass Project. I Have Thought About Adding Bass To It. Who Knows... Probably Not... I Guess You Can Take This Project For What It Is And Don't Take It Too Serious As With Alot Of My Work.. DOOOWWWWNNNLLLOOOOAAADDD:

Farce Tangled Banner - Waste...Of Time (2003)

HAHAHA!......... Here Is One Of My First Solo Projects.. I Call It Bongo Violence.... Its Absolute Noise Chaos Freestyle Power Violence Nothingness. But Strangely After All These Years I Still Find It Entertaining... I Mean Come On. Just Wildly Playing Guitar, Not Knowing How To Play Very Well At The Time And Not Trying To Play Well. Haha, And Then You Have The Bongo Drum Beats And Crazy Screaming All Via Me Myself And I. 53 Tracks Of Pure Nonsense. Score It If You Would Like. GET ME:

Basis Of Burden - Mankind's End!! (2006)

Here Is One Of My Solo Projects From 2006. Its Mid To Fast Paced Grinding Goth Punk. I Used A Keyboard Manually For The Beats Which Was A Real Task. Also This Was Before I Had A Bass. But It's Actually Pretty Rockin' Stuff For Some Of My Earlier Material. I Also Have A Project Where I Used Bongos For The Beats, A Power Violence Project. Haha. That Stuff Is A Real Mess. But More Than Likely I Will Post Even My Shittiest Works From The Past And Present. Maybe Someone Will like It. Its Also Fun To See Progression. Anyhow. Download Basis Of Burden - Mankind's End. A Pretty Decent Listen. SCORE:

Monday, April 23, 2012

M.O.L.D. - Doomed From The Start (2011)

2 Man Doomy Gloomy Freestyle Jams. 1 Man Is Me On Drums And Vox And The Other Is Derek On Guitar & Back Up Vox. Pretty Rad Stoner Jam DoomPunk/GrungeCore Stuff Made Up On The Spot In The Maine Woods. DOWNLOAD:

JeFf PoLiQuIn - Comfort In A Box (2010)

This Is A Best Of Jeff Acoustic Folk/Punk/Rock Collection From Spanning From 2008-2010. As Per Usual The Lyrical Content Is Mostly Depressing Songs Of Struggle,Death,ETC. But There Are Some Good Songs On Here In My Opinion. Straight Forward Folk Expressions Tainted With Negative Overtones With The Occasional Positive Track. Go Get It! And Never Take My Stuff Too Serious. I Go Through Some Fucked Up Times And My Musical Output Is Generally Personal And Lyrically Can Be Quite A Downer. But All My Stuff Is More Or Less A Journal, A Rant So To Speak. With That Said. DOWNLOAD:

C.A.L.M. - A Dent In Time (2012)

Finally After About A Year Of Making Tracks And Adding Reject Tracks From Other Solo Projects Of Mine I Am Finally Done With The 40 Song Album "A Dent In Time"...I'm Not Sure How To Describe The Album. Its Pretty Weird At Times And Pretty Negative At Times. Among Alot Of Other At Times Stuff. Well Topics Range From Suicide To Strummin On Gits. Some Of It Is Acoustic, Some Electric. Some Punk , Some Folk.. More Or Less A Mess Of Emotions Tossed In A Blender.. I Struggle With A Variety Of Mental Health Issues, So I Tend To Be Spontaneous With My Musical Works. You Never Really Know What Will Come. But Check It Out If You Have An Hour Free To Be Mindfucked. DOWNLOAD:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bloom To Wilt - Life Is A Mystery (CD-EP)

The New EP From Jeff.......... This Was The Result Of Two Nights Chilling With Myself And Some PBR's. Amongst Other Things Like An Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Harmonica And Other Stuff. This Was Something I Just Slapped Together. It's Rather Random And Pointless. But I Sorta Like That Kinda Stuff. Spontaneous Is Good. Anyhow. DOWNLOAD If You Dare: