Thursday, December 27, 2012

Farce Tangled Banner Vs. Force Fed Failure (EP) (2003)

Utter Nonsense Meets More Utter Nonsense In FTB Vs. FFF EP... These 10 Tracks Are From 2003.. The Early Days Of Freestyle Crap.... DOWNLOADL:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guiding Blight - The Lunacy Of Everyday Strife (2008)

Guiding Blight: A Weird Ass 1 Man Folk Punk Thrash Noise Project From That Wacky Sometimes Offensive Abel Unstable... This Slate Of Freestyle Jive Has 47 Tracks Yo! Please Keep An Open Mind With Guiding Blight's Material. It' Weird And Jokey Nature May Offend Some. :) DOWNLOAD:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

JeFf PoLiQuIn - The Voiceless (EP) (2012)

A Best Of Jeff Instrumental Collection. Only 8 Tracks. But Cool. DOWNLOAD:

Autonomous Action Presents: Support Your Local Scene (1998)

A Live Compilation Of Maine Punk Bands And Punk Bands Who Played Here. Originally On A Cassette In Which I Bought At A Corporate Death Squad Show Back In '98.This Was Put Out By Autonomous Action. A Pretty Cool Mix Of Bands From Those Days Including - Pinkerton Thugs, General Strike, Illegitimates, Suburban Riot, Arch Deluxx, A Global Threat, The Boils, Bury Me Standing, Junk Buckets, Corporate Death Squad & 13 Ghosts.. DOWNLOAD:

Violation & Zero Mentality - Demo's (Split) (1983)

Fuckin' Right! Here Is Some Real Oldschool Maine Hardcore! A Cool Split From 1983!! SNATCH IT UP:

Company Anthem - Tour (CDR) (2004)

More Company Anthem Stuff. Maine Punk! DOWNLOAD:

The Company Anthem - Dead Air Studios (2005)

Maine Punk That In My Opinion Sounds A Bit Like Propagandhi! They Were Enjoyable Live As Well.. DOWNLOAD:

A Primitive And Savage Land - A Primitive And Savage Land (2007)

Cool Maine Punk Stuff! I Like To Post Other Maine Artists When Possible.. So Here Ya Go! DOWNLOAD:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

EXCYSTENCH - The Hand Of C.O.D. (EP) (2012)

Some Fuckin' Thrashy D-Beat/Blast Power Violence Shizen...6 Short & Raw Fuckin Trax.. GRAB IT!:

Plan-Doubt - (S)pontaneous (H)yperactive (I)gnoramus (T)wits (2011)

Fuckin' A Right! Plan-Doubt Was A Mostly Freestyle Drunken Punk Noise Grind Thrash Folk Project From Jeff And Eric! 33 TRacks! Some Written, Some Covers, A Lot Of On The Spot Shit!.. Pretty Fucking Cool Stuff Yo! SCORE IT:

Deadgrrr Fallen Foe - Shadow Of The Raven (2012)

And Here We Have Deadgrrr In The Future With Electric Punk Rock Songs.Me On Drums,Back ups & Luke On Git And Vox.... Pretty Decent Direction We Were Headed Until We Had No Time To Practice Anymore.. Check It Out If Ya Like:

Friday, October 5, 2012

JeFf PoLiQuIn - Lost (And Can't Be Found) [Anthology] (2011-2012)

"Lost(And Can't Be Found)[Anthology]" Is Well, A Collection Of My Best And Favorite Tracks From Some Of My More Serious Solo Projects Including E.N.D., Bloom To Wilt, C.A.L.M. & Nuclear Picnic.. 40 Awesome Mid To Fast Paced Punk Rock/Experimental Tunes In 45 Minutes. I Highly Recommend This Release! DOWNLOAD:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

M.O.L.D. Bandcamp Page

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nuclear Picnic Bandcamp Page. Check It Out.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bloom To Wilt Bandcamp Page. Check It Out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Malformnation - No Future! (2003)

My 2nd Solo Punk Project. 25 Tracks Of Freestyle Noisy Punk Grind Slop. It's Funny, Back In These Days I Was Using A AIWA Stereo System To Make The Beats, And Doing It Manually. This Particular Stereo Had A Setting With 2 Buttons In Which You Could Make Drum Sounds, So I Tapped, Pushed And Smashed Buttons To Make Beats. And I Must Say Rather Crappy Beats.But I Tell Ya, This Crap Was A Chore To Make. The Git Riffs Are Just Chaotic Nonsense, Nearly Non Legible. The Vocals Are Pretty OK...This Stuff I Created Just After My First Punk Project "Farce Tangled Banner", "The Bongo Violence Project". I Have Been Working On Getting All My Past Projects Posted, Even If They Are Crazy,Messy,Weird And Pointless.(*Skull On Album Cover Drawn By Luke Morgan) Download If You Dare :

Friday, July 6, 2012

Manic Dis-Temper - The Few!, The Proud!, The Dis! (2003)

Completely Out Of Control Freestyle Dis-Chaos Thrash Punk Noise From 2003. Ahh The Memories, This Stuff Upset Some Neighborhood Folks Upon Its Creation, And Mr Police Man Arrived A Few Times To Tell Us To Stop. The Lady Next To Jed's Place Thought She Heard Machine Gun Fire.. Yea,, Wacky, But Fun And Fond Memories Of On The Spot Dis-Thrashing Mayhem. MDT Went On To Write Material And Added A Bass Player As Well As A Trumpet Player For A Spell. We Wrote A Decent Amount Of Trax Then Fizzled Out Over The Years. We Pretty Much Only Have Instrumental Material Recorded... I Will RE-Up The Instrumentals Album..... On This Stuff, Jeff (Me) - Vocals, Git & Jed - Drums..... DOWNLOAD:

C.A.L.M. - Cut Me Down, Set Me Free (Video)

E.N.D. - Holly Jolly Rollers (Video)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Collapse Of Reason - The Effects Of Household Mind Clamps (2008)

On To Even More Oddities That Iv'e Created... Back In 2008 I Thought It Would Be Cool To Make A Soundscape Album Made Up Entirely Of Sound Effects From My Mouth And Weird Improv Rants. No Instruments.....Just Altered Sounds... This Is Most Definitely Some Of My Strangest Material... DOWNLOAD:

Corporate Death Squad - Demo (1997)

Cool Maine Political Punk From Back In The Day. DOWNLOAD:

No Room For The Living - Only The Dead Will Survive (2006)

Bad ass Mainer Grind/Death Stuff! DOWNLOAD:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bloom To Wilt - Force Of Habit (CD-EP) (2012)

Here It Is! The Latest CD-EP From Solo Musician Jeff Poliquin (*E.N.D.), This Brand New CD-EP Has 10 Tracks Of Straight Forward Mid To Fast Paced Punk/Metal With A Few Experimental Edges,Pretty Cool Stuff! DOWNLOAD:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tired Of Waking Up - History Repeats! (Single) (2010)

Here Is Yet Another Side Solo Project Of Mine...2 Tracks Of Experimental Industrial ish Noise. History Repeats Is A Pretty Cool Song... I Would Like To In The Future Make More Tired Of Waking Up Stuff. We'll See... DOWNLOAD:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SpeciesCease - Divine Depravity (2009)

Here's Where It Gets Scary.... On This Solo Project Of Mine I Was Feeling Very Angry Toward Everything And Everybody , So I Made Really Negative Hateful Music. 12 Tracks Of Unhappy Fruity Loops Driven Punk Thrash What Have You. There Is Also A Folky Tune Called "Road To Ruin". As Well As A Rap Track Called "Kill Fucking Kill". Fun Stuff If You Are In A Pissed Mood.... Pretty Basic Stuff. Speaking Of Bass, There Isnt Any Bass Guitar Used. This Is Another Pre-Bass Project. I Have Thought About Adding Bass To It. Who Knows... Probably Not... I Guess You Can Take This Project For What It Is And Don't Take It Too Serious As With Alot Of My Work.. DOOOWWWWNNNLLLOOOOAAADDD:

Farce Tangled Banner - Waste...Of Time (2003)

HAHAHA!......... Here Is One Of My First Solo Projects.. I Call It Bongo Violence.... Its Absolute Noise Chaos Freestyle Power Violence Nothingness. But Strangely After All These Years I Still Find It Entertaining... I Mean Come On. Just Wildly Playing Guitar, Not Knowing How To Play Very Well At The Time And Not Trying To Play Well. Haha, And Then You Have The Bongo Drum Beats And Crazy Screaming All Via Me Myself And I. 53 Tracks Of Pure Nonsense. Score It If You Would Like. GET ME:

Basis Of Burden - Mankind's End!! (2006)

Here Is One Of My Solo Projects From 2006. Its Mid To Fast Paced Grinding Goth Punk. I Used A Keyboard Manually For The Beats Which Was A Real Task. Also This Was Before I Had A Bass. But It's Actually Pretty Rockin' Stuff For Some Of My Earlier Material. I Also Have A Project Where I Used Bongos For The Beats, A Power Violence Project. Haha. That Stuff Is A Real Mess. But More Than Likely I Will Post Even My Shittiest Works From The Past And Present. Maybe Someone Will like It. Its Also Fun To See Progression. Anyhow. Download Basis Of Burden - Mankind's End. A Pretty Decent Listen. SCORE:

Monday, April 23, 2012

M.O.L.D. - Doomed From The Start (2011)

2 Man Doomy Gloomy Freestyle Jams. 1 Man Is Me On Drums And Vox And The Other Is Derek On Guitar & Back Up Vox. Pretty Rad Stoner Jam DoomPunk/GrungeCore Stuff Made Up On The Spot In The Maine Woods. DOWNLOAD:

JeFf PoLiQuIn - Comfort In A Box (2010)

This Is A Best Of Jeff Acoustic Folk/Punk/Rock Collection From Spanning From 2008-2010. As Per Usual The Lyrical Content Is Mostly Depressing Songs Of Struggle,Death,ETC. But There Are Some Good Songs On Here In My Opinion. Straight Forward Folk Expressions Tainted With Negative Overtones With The Occasional Positive Track. Go Get It! And Never Take My Stuff Too Serious. I Go Through Some Fucked Up Times And My Musical Output Is Generally Personal And Lyrically Can Be Quite A Downer. But All My Stuff Is More Or Less A Journal, A Rant So To Speak. With That Said. DOWNLOAD:

C.A.L.M. - A Dent In Time (2012)

Finally After About A Year Of Making Tracks And Adding Reject Tracks From Other Solo Projects Of Mine I Am Finally Done With The 40 Song Album "A Dent In Time"...I'm Not Sure How To Describe The Album. Its Pretty Weird At Times And Pretty Negative At Times. Among Alot Of Other At Times Stuff. Well Topics Range From Suicide To Strummin On Gits. Some Of It Is Acoustic, Some Electric. Some Punk , Some Folk.. More Or Less A Mess Of Emotions Tossed In A Blender.. I Struggle With A Variety Of Mental Health Issues, So I Tend To Be Spontaneous With My Musical Works. You Never Really Know What Will Come. But Check It Out If You Have An Hour Free To Be Mindfucked. DOWNLOAD:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bloom To Wilt - Life Is A Mystery (CD-EP)

The New EP From Jeff.......... This Was The Result Of Two Nights Chilling With Myself And Some PBR's. Amongst Other Things Like An Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Harmonica And Other Stuff. This Was Something I Just Slapped Together. It's Rather Random And Pointless. But I Sorta Like That Kinda Stuff. Spontaneous Is Good. Anyhow. DOWNLOAD If You Dare:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

E.N.D. - Fear Of The Unknown (2012)

E.N.D. - "Fear Of The Unknown" Is The Product Of Many Late Nights & Intoxication...20 Rockin' Tracks Of 100% D.I.Y. Mid To Fast Paced Punk Rock,Thrash,Hardcore,Gothic Rock,Grunge,Folk,Experimental...A Very Interesting And Worthwhile Listen...Highly Recommended!!. Some Of My Finest Solo Work...DOWNLOAD ME:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

E.N.D. - Skeletons From Your Past (CD-EP) (2011)

My Second E.N.D. Release, A CD-EP. I Went For A More Clean, Surfy Punk Sound On This One. 6 Tracks!... Good Stuff! Get It!:

E.N.D. - Every Nation Damned (2011)

This Is My Solo Project E.N.D., This Is The First Album And Has 25 Tracks Of Mid To Fast Paced Punk Rock, With A Few Other Genre Crossovers. Not A Bad Album For My First Solo Work To Include Real Drumming. I Had A Good Time Makin This. Download Now:

Atomic Pollution - Peaceful Protest (2012)

Hell Yea!! Killer One Man Punk Stuff From The UK!.... Get It Now:

Atomic Pollution - Anarchy And Peace (EP) (2010)

Awesome One Man Punk From The UK! .... Get This!:

C.A.L.M. - Caveman Instinct Split (EP) (2011)

Some More Of My Solo Worx! C.A.L.M. Is Folky Punk On This EP, And Caveman Instinct Is Fast Punk Similar To E.N.D.. Grab It!:

Pinko And The Action Boys - Louder Than Everything (2009)

Bridgton Maine's Pinko And The Action Boys! Long Time Running Awesome Punk Rock!.... Get It Now!: