Thursday, December 27, 2012

Farce Tangled Banner Vs. Force Fed Failure (EP) (2003)

Utter Nonsense Meets More Utter Nonsense In FTB Vs. FFF EP... These 10 Tracks Are From 2003.. The Early Days Of Freestyle Crap.... DOWNLOADL:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guiding Blight - The Lunacy Of Everyday Strife (2008)

Guiding Blight: A Weird Ass 1 Man Folk Punk Thrash Noise Project From That Wacky Sometimes Offensive Abel Unstable... This Slate Of Freestyle Jive Has 47 Tracks Yo! Please Keep An Open Mind With Guiding Blight's Material. It' Weird And Jokey Nature May Offend Some. :) DOWNLOAD:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

JeFf PoLiQuIn - The Voiceless (EP) (2012)

A Best Of Jeff Instrumental Collection. Only 8 Tracks. But Cool. DOWNLOAD:

Autonomous Action Presents: Support Your Local Scene (1998)

A Live Compilation Of Maine Punk Bands And Punk Bands Who Played Here. Originally On A Cassette In Which I Bought At A Corporate Death Squad Show Back In '98.This Was Put Out By Autonomous Action. A Pretty Cool Mix Of Bands From Those Days Including - Pinkerton Thugs, General Strike, Illegitimates, Suburban Riot, Arch Deluxx, A Global Threat, The Boils, Bury Me Standing, Junk Buckets, Corporate Death Squad & 13 Ghosts.. DOWNLOAD:

Violation & Zero Mentality - Demo's (Split) (1983)

Fuckin' Right! Here Is Some Real Oldschool Maine Hardcore! A Cool Split From 1983!! SNATCH IT UP:

Company Anthem - Tour (CDR) (2004)

More Company Anthem Stuff. Maine Punk! DOWNLOAD:

The Company Anthem - Dead Air Studios (2005)

Maine Punk That In My Opinion Sounds A Bit Like Propagandhi! They Were Enjoyable Live As Well.. DOWNLOAD:

A Primitive And Savage Land - A Primitive And Savage Land (2007)

Cool Maine Punk Stuff! I Like To Post Other Maine Artists When Possible.. So Here Ya Go! DOWNLOAD:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

EXCYSTENCH - The Hand Of C.O.D. (EP) (2012)

Some Fuckin' Thrashy D-Beat/Blast Power Violence Shizen...6 Short & Raw Fuckin Trax.. GRAB IT!:

Plan-Doubt - (S)pontaneous (H)yperactive (I)gnoramus (T)wits (2011)

Fuckin' A Right! Plan-Doubt Was A Mostly Freestyle Drunken Punk Noise Grind Thrash Folk Project From Jeff And Eric! 33 TRacks! Some Written, Some Covers, A Lot Of On The Spot Shit!.. Pretty Fucking Cool Stuff Yo! SCORE IT:

Deadgrrr Fallen Foe - Shadow Of The Raven (2012)

And Here We Have Deadgrrr In The Future With Electric Punk Rock Songs.Me On Drums,Back ups & Luke On Git And Vox.... Pretty Decent Direction We Were Headed Until We Had No Time To Practice Anymore.. Check It Out If Ya Like: