Monday, April 23, 2012

C.A.L.M. - A Dent In Time (2012)

Finally After About A Year Of Making Tracks And Adding Reject Tracks From Other Solo Projects Of Mine I Am Finally Done With The 40 Song Album "A Dent In Time"...I'm Not Sure How To Describe The Album. Its Pretty Weird At Times And Pretty Negative At Times. Among Alot Of Other At Times Stuff. Well Topics Range From Suicide To Strummin On Gits. Some Of It Is Acoustic, Some Electric. Some Punk , Some Folk.. More Or Less A Mess Of Emotions Tossed In A Blender.. I Struggle With A Variety Of Mental Health Issues, So I Tend To Be Spontaneous With My Musical Works. You Never Really Know What Will Come. But Check It Out If You Have An Hour Free To Be Mindfucked. DOWNLOAD:

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